Over the past two weeks, we have had four amazing sessions with entrepreneurs, CEOs, social media masters. But what are the key points we can take away from our events from September?

Here are our top 5 lessons from talking to our experts!

1. You are your best asset

Time and time again, our experts and creators emphasised the importance of being authentic and just being you. You are the greatest asset of your personal brand, your creative talents and ultimately the art you produce. You are the one that will secure that client, grow your brand and drive development for your passions.

2. Storytelling is the key to connection

Whether you are trying to reach your target audience, collaborate with others on a big project, or raise awareness, humans live through storytelling.

Our lives are simply ongoing stories and are filled with the tales of our friends, family and even the stories of strangers. Our paths cross because of the experiences we have been through and share, ultimately leading to solving problems to make each other’s lives richer.

So, to connect with others and create communities, you need to take people on a journey with your authentic story. With your unique narration, you will go far.

3. Be brave: You never know if you never try

Creating new concepts and taking risks is all part of learning and understanding how you will fulfill your purpose. Whether this is solving problems for others, achieving your own goals, or creating a product or service that has a positive impact, you will never know what works best if you don’t experiment. Believe in yourself.

Be brave, push the boundaries and don’t let doubts from outsiders shadow your judgment.

4. A good team will help you go further

Even though you are your own motivation, having a diverse team of different thinkers can help you see where you could challenge your outlook and actually help solve problems you face. Experimenting is a key part of success, so gather like-minded people with the same morals and vision as you, but who have different capabilities and strengths.

5. Keep going

Even though times can be challenging, they can get lonely and setbacks can be rough, it doesn’t mean you aren’t on to a great idea. It may need refining, a fresh pair of eyes, or just an outside perspective, but don’t give up on your goals - otherwise, you will never reach them.

A big thanks to all of our guests for giving us such amazing insights throughout The Purposeful Weekender. If you want to watch back on our spectacular speakers, visit our YouTube channel where you can watch them all back! Be sure to look out for our next Purposeful Weekender in October! Register now!