Our host Bejay Mulenga introduced our two “hybrid” guest speakers who have experience on both sides of being an influencer and an entrepreneur. Max McCann social media influencer and founder of Meals with Max and Chloe Taylor, also social media influencer and CEO Eartheia reveal what it’s like to work with brands and how brands can approach creators to get the best campaign results.

For the brands: Do’s and Don’ts when approaching influencers

Max had a passion for cooking at the age of 3. After losing his job and being made redundant, Max Joined TikTok and surged from 0 followers to 1.8 million, meaning he gets to create content, doing what he loves. Now having worked with huge brands such as Gymshark, MyProtein and Gordon Ramsey he reveals the pros and cons of working with brands and shares some tips and insights for brands when they want to work on influencer campaigns

✓ The brief needs to be just right - Brands need to create a brief that outlines content clearly, giving the influencer enough detail about the deliverables, but not making it too restrictive that the influencer has no creative freedom.

Х Don’t approach an influencer that you haven’t researched yet - This can make creators feel like you aren’t interested in their personal brand or business seriously. Even if you are looking at doing a paid campaign, the influencer may not even consider collaborating due to the fact that you are not engaged with their content before messaging them. Be sure to personalise messages or proposals - Max and Chloe both reflected on times where brands have even put the wrong name at the start of a DM!

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How working with an influencer can help you reach your target audience

Not only do influencers actually spend much more time creating, editing and publishing

content than people think, but they also create communities and build trust within their online hubs. This means that they can have very niche followers that can really help you grow.

If you can find an influencer that has a strong parallel with your brand, make sure you point this out! If you have something that could benefit their community as well as your own, it’s good to engage with the specific reason you think your brand would work with theirs.

Being authentic

Authenticity came up once again in our discussions. Both Max and Chloe tell us why being authentic to your own brand and audiences that you want to collaborate with is so important, plus why it’s easy to detect if people are not being true to themselves which ultimately can lower your chances for growth.

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