Our second webinar event of The Purposeful Weekender was pitched up well by host Dave Wallace, founder NMD+, who was joined by guest speaker Shana Gujral, founder of Lila. The pair opened up about pitching to perfection and revealed that thinking outside the box may be better than a traditional proposal.

Why having a journey in your pitch is key.

Dave pointed out that “the human brain is wired for stories” and that it’s the connection that your story brings that will really win over the people behind the company. Shana agreed that a relatable experience or example will allow investors to see the more emotional perspective of your goals behind your brand and business, which is what ultimately leads to a successful pitch.

Post pitch tips

Overcoming nerves, pitching and getting a successful deal is the first stage. But many founders don’t acknowledge that this is when the real work begins. You need to “keep warm” as Shana says and keep the company or brand interested and thinking about you.

Shana and Dave uncover their guilty pleasure of spreadsheets and how they keep organised to keep on top of brands they have contacted, need to chase up and track updates. Our speakers discussed how being proactive and different can set you apart from other businesses, which can make you memorable and more likely to stand out as a clear choice for a partnership.

But even if you create a memorable pitch with a clear structure, how can you do more?

Gaining opportunities to pitch, building credibility as a business and looking for strategic ways to increase your visibility is all beneficial when you actually get to a pitch. With more experience, you will have more examples to tell investors why your business should get backing.

We all have moments of self-doubt though, so the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, by “being courageous, nothing stops you from achieving what you want to achieve”, says Dave, reflecting on imposter syndrome during the webinar.

Shana spoke about celebrating “small wins” to really appreciate the progress your business is making at each stage of your growth, no matter how big or small the steps forward are. She also balances this out by advising to always ask yourself as a founder what you can learn from experiences that don’t quite go so right.

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