Did you miss our event ‘How to get your first 6 figure client’? Not to worry, here is a run-down of all the conversations that Bejay had with our wonderful guests!

What this session covered:

🔮 Pitching tips

🔮 How to connect with businesses

🔮 How to approach new clients

🔮 Networking hacks to help your startup

Podcasting pair Dave Wallace and Dharmesh Mistry are our guest speakers who joined our CEO Bejay Mulenga to run through how to get your first six-figure client!

Self-confessed geek, Dharmesh tells us about his love for technology that improves the lives of others.

This is what you will learn from Dharmesh’s points:

📝 Why understanding clients is key

📝 Where to narrow down your pitch

📝 Reading inbetween the lines

Read his insights from the session!

Understand your customer’s real needs

Dharmesh reminisced on his first six-figure client. It was surprising to learn that he actually got rejected after his first pitch! So how did he end up winning the deal?

After getting rejected, Dharmesh went back to the drawing board to work out the “real buying criteria”. With his pitch adapted, he later re-pitched and won over the client.

He says “it takes more questioning and understanding the people” before you truly know how to deliver what they want beneath their surface requirements.

So, even if you get knocked back, try to understand why the client said no and how you can improve your pitch to suit their needs.

Make your pitch specific

Being clear is the way to your perfect client.

When you are approaching a client, you need to avoid being generic. If you are too vague, you may confuse people with what you actually offer and how your solution applies to them.

If your company solves a specific problem, you will create a niche market for yourself. This then also helps you filter out people who you are going to speak to as potential clients.

Learn from each pitch

You will never have the perfect pitch the first time around, it takes practice.

Make sure you talk to lots of people so you can learn how to mould your offer into an unmissable opportunity for potential clients.

After each pitch, get feedback and take it gracefully. The pointers that you get can be used to refine your pitch and test it in your next meeting. Go from there and eventually, you will be pitch perfect!

Highlight why your client needs you

Understanding your client’s problem in detail is essential. This will enable you to tailor your pitch so you can show them how it resolves their specific issue.

By demonstrating this, it will highlight why you are the perfect match to do business.

Now, read on for Dave’s pearls of wisdom!

What you will gain from Dave’s pointers:

🧠 Why your online presence matters

🧠 Big opportunities come in small packages first

🧠 How to make clients comfortable

Remember that clients are human

“People forget that people buy off people,'' Dave points out. Being able to talk to them in a language that they understand when explaining a really complex message is instrumental in making them feel comfortable with you.

A client at ease will feel safe with you and your business, and that is where connections begin and negotiations will start. They buy into you as much as your business.

Get your foot in the door

Dave told us that he once pitched a smaller amount of work with a business to get his foot in the door. From this, he saw the opportunity and built a pipeline within that organisation which turned into work that was worth six then seven figures!

“It doesn’t come straight away,” Dave advises. “You have to open doors, be prepared to be open to smaller pieces of work and think about how you get into that opportunity.”

Time your pitch right

“Ten to fifteen minutes” should be enough, says Dave. “Distill things down into bite size chunks” so you keep people engaged. Too long will diffuse the subject and might lead to people getting distracted or even bored.

Be empathetic and use the information you already have about your clients to make sure you make every minute relatable.

People naturally get drawn to something that really speaks to them, so keep them engaged and feeling like your service was created just for them.

Be vibrant online

Be confident in your business in person and on your social networks. Your online platforms could be the first thing your future clients see, so make sure you are active and creating high quality content.

This doesn’t mean you have to be posting on every single platform, it’s more important to have quality not quantity.

Be visible and get noticed. The more visible and legitimate you are, the more people will be attracted and open doors.

Thank you Dave and Dharmesh for your amazing stories about your previous experiences and giving some great advice to help other new up and coming founders!

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