Our third session of The Purposeful Weekender was insightful, to say the least. Being your own brand, representing who you are and what you do can be challenging. However, our speakers gave us their take on what a personal brand is and the best way to grow yours.

Host, Bejay Mulenga opened up the discussion with our first guest, Tiwalola Ogunlesi, a globally recognised Confidence Coach & Speaker, describing her last year as “explosive”, saying that even though “the numbers are not millions” that “the impact is”. Tiwalola told us her personal definition of what a personal brand is.

“When I think of a personal brand, I think of having a reputation that is at scale. It’s results you achieve at scale.”

She says that it actually wasn’t something she took seriously at the beginning, but after seeing the importance of a personal brand in terms of influencing others and building recognition, she wanted to attract opportunities too.

What is a personal brand according to our experts?

Similarly, our second guest Charlie Eyeington, senior account manager at WOAW, built on this by agreeing on the effect a strong personal brand has. By strengthening your network. She spoke about how key it is to have the trust and authority of a personal brand to get new clients as well as keeping existing ones interested.

Brian Kofi Hollingsworth, Brand Consultant backed this further, telling us about his personal journey from growing a single follower to over 9000 through different platforms online.

Why telling a story is vital to engage people

In our session last week, Dave Wallace mentioned why storytelling is so important as human beings, pointing out our brain is “wired for stories”. (If you missed it, watch now on our YouTube!)

This week, this theory was made concrete by all of our guests. Tiwalola highlights that “human to human connection is the future of business” and that “you want your brand to be human” through “sharing and storytelling”. She captures the human nature of her Instagram perfectly by describing one of her highlight features on the platform where she openly shares her vulnerable side after a day that wasn’t as productive as she thought or when she has imposter syndrome. This relatable, human story she shares often, reminds her audience that she isn’t just a brand, she is real and her brand is personal.

Professional hacks and what if’s

As well as how they make their personal brand stand out, our speakers gave you tips on how to make yours stand out too. Charlie started off with content strategy advice and Linkedin hacks. Brian told us about what he would’ve done differently, which turned out to be emailing lists for their versatile and direct nature of engaging with potential clients - who would’ve known?

Brian also gives us an insight into how he actually gets results and how he works, which turns out to be simple hardware and coffee. He says that the most important thing, however, is to “be authentic”.

What do you want to be known for? Create that opportunity for yourself.

“I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t connected with people like Bejay,” he says. And by being authentic, connected and creative he has grown and had opportunities that he has aimed for.

For more guest advice from our third Purposeful Weekender Webinar, watch it online on our Youtube.