We are back again with another Lunch and Learn catch up! In this session, how to build a team and culture, we focussed on how to build a team and why the culture within the workplace can be so important!

In this blog, you will read about:

👍 Diversity in the workplace

👍 Core values

👍 Building relationships

👍 How to engage your teams

Meet our first speaker, Sereena Abbassi!

She is an Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer & Keynote Speaker!

Taking activism to corporate space, she says ultimately she is ”just trying to make happier people '' with “lots of quantitative research” behind it.

What will you learn after reading her suggestions:

✅ The difference between values and culture

✅ How to create your own culture as a sole entrepreneur

✅ Work cultures that work well

Have a collaborative culture

“The teams I’ve enjoyed working in the most are those where everyone had their role and it was made clear,” Sereena says. “The clarity was really important, also people knew that there was space for lots of collaboration”.

People thrive in different workplace cultures, but it’s clear that if you feel comfortable to collaborate, it really does make a difference in your attitude towards work.

Remember that everyone is different

In teams, some people like to be given more power whereas some people like to be led - and that’s okay. The difference between individuals is what makes a team diverse and because of this, there must be a level of empathy between people.

Sereena suggests to “take each day at a time”, especially after the pandemic and people are more anxious about returning to work.

Be clear about your core company values

“Companies who don’t do well usually aren't clear about their values,” says Sereena. “Values are much deeper than culture” she adds.

Values are what drive a culture, so without strong values, your culture could collapse.

Know your own values first

If you are a sole founder, creative or entrepreneur, you are the embodiment of your brand and business.

Be introspective and know what you stand for so you can make it your own unique culture, fuelled by what you believe in.

Plus, this means you can attract people who are like-minded.

And now for our next speaker, Erica Neve who is a Senior Learning strategist & product designer.

She says that right now her passion point is working in the area of the climate crisis emergency because “people who don’t have a seat at the decision take are those who are going to be most rapidly impacted, typically women and those from indigenous communities”.

What you will learn after reading:

✅ How to create a safe culture

✅ Ensuring that your team is happy and healthy

✅ Why the workplace is changing

Let’s see what she has to say about having good vibes in the workplace!

Reconnect with you team’s culture and purpose regularly

Since the pandemic, many of us have learnt more about how your mood and mental health can affect your work life, thus making us more empathetic.

Building check-ins into every meeting or activities is a good way to see how people are feeling within your business and your culture that the company brings.

The purpose is to feel the energy of people in the room, how they are mentally showing up and their dynamics.

It also helps ground everyone before a meeting or task, as well as reminding people of their purpose at work.

These can be creative check-ins or simply asking people how they are.

Create a safe community for your employees

Erica mentioned that she previously worked in a multigenerational team, saying she felt like she “came home” whenever she went to work and really “appreciated and admired the environment it created”.

The community aspect of the model was naturally created through the diversity of the cohort.

Having a safe space where you feel at ease is really important to make workers feel comfortable in being creative and sharing ideas.

Look at the future with a lens of opportunity

After pandemic lockdowns, there’s been a chance to rethink and reset our way of working. A new approach to working could be a fresh start and opportunity to reimagine what work means to people.

Take a step back and think about how you can create a more flexible and creative culture for workers who aren’t ready to step back into the offices and respect that times could be changing.

Don’t let dominant behaviour take over

Make sure as you grow you make sure you don’t lose your purpose culture.

When collaborating or having partnerships with other firms, it’s easy for new people coming in, who could be for example more corporate, to dominate the culture that you have created.

This may make your team uncomfortable, so recognise it and step in to keep your values clear to everyone.

Practice your principles

Businesses can have their values splashed across their offices or lifts, but do they apply to everyday life?

Make sure you have examples of your principles being practiced regularly in your day-to-day routine.

Like a ritual or habit, intertwine your values in your everyday work lives to show that they aren't just throw-away statements to provide meaning to your businesses.

Thank you to both our speakers for all your insights into creating healthy cultures in the workplace and how your values can be the driving force to change your business environments for the better.

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