Our first session of The Purposeful Weekender kicked off with a bang, hosted by our very own Bejay Mulenga. Our guest speakers Ariel Adams, Joanne Baban Morales and Sach Kukadia shared their secrets to successfully growing a six-figure business.

If you’re wondering what a day to day routine for a six-figure business owner is, we have all the details.

Ariel Adams, Instagram monetization expert and founder of Ariel Carr, says that her usual routine consists of planning the strategic parts of the business and focussing on her vision as well as managing her team.

Similarly, Joanne Morales, marketing and e-commerce specialist and founder of Nunude, also says that her typical day starts with strategic planning as well as being at their warehouse, then focussing on engagement and growing attraction. On the weekends Joanne mentors young aspiring female entrepreneurs too!

Building a business isn’t all profit and sales from the off, to get to a sturdy place you need to experiment, try different strategies and find out what works to engage your audience. Our speakers told us how they got to six figures and what the process was like.

Sach Kukadia, the founder of Secret Sales, admitted he actually went into the opportunity “blind” but was “nimble and humble enough to work from his mistakes”.

He said if he could re-do his experience he would negotiate with investors harder and pushed social media earlier. Surprisingly, even though he had 47 million sales in 8 years, Sacha also commented that he would actually try to slow growth down to focus on profit if he could go back in time.

Community relationships and customer shifts

Focussing on the community aspect of the business was key to Joanne’s success, developing products through the feedback from a close community bond she built from the start.

However, she advised others on being aware of changes in market attitude. Joanne revealed that one of the most important lessons he learnt through growing her business to six figures and beyond was “being fluid like water” and recognising that things don’t always stay the same and as a business, you have to adapt to that.

After unintentionally generating $100,000 in 90 days through Instagram by selling an e-book, Ariel grew rapidly in a short space of time. She said that although it was great for profits, the lack of systems to manage the money was difficult. Now, Ariel uses a manner of software to keep organised, including Click Up for project management and Slack for communicating with her team.

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