In this week’s Founders Story, we interview the amazing Sophie McKeown. She is the founder of vegan clothing brand Happi Inc. and one of the #BeYourOwnBoss competition finalists. We asked her questions regarding her business’s purpose, the challenges she has faced and the successes which she has achieved throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

What is your business and what it's purpose?

Sophie: Happi Inc provides Organic, Vegan & eco-friendly clothing made in the UK. Each item has been lovingly designed in-house from start to finish by myself and made with Happi-ness. Happi Inc. was started with the aim to change the way people buy their clothes and to think about where they come from. All Happi Inc. clothes are printed to order in the U.K, so less waste which means more sustainable! Our packaging contains no plastic and are recyclable. As well as my online store, I work with influencers with their merchandise and create a brand with them which helps Happi spread the word to shop ethically!

Why are you an entrepreneur?

Sophie: I’m an entrepreneur because I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years and no matter how hard I worked or how much effort and time I put into my job it was never rewarded. I saw so much favouritism, bullying and unfair management that I thought this is not how I want to work for the rest of my life. I wanted to build a company and create jobs where everyone is treated fairly and rewarded for their hard work and recognised for their efforts!

What’s been the hardest challenge?

Sophie: The hardest part is trying to not get too disheartened when the success doesn’t come quickly. When you’re an entrepreneur and you are so passionate about your business but when others don’t see it straight away it’s hard to carry on but you have to and it’s that determination and all the hard work that will eventually pay off.

What’s been your proudest moment?

Sophie: For me the thing I’m most proud of is my son telling all his friends that his mummy designed and made his t-shirts he wears! But on a business side I was extremely blown away when Theo Paphitis picked me as his small business winner in February this year! Also I’m working with some amazing influencers and I have been approached by a retail shop to have my products in their store!

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