Here are this month's 5 founders to watch out for!

1) Robert Hanna, Founder KC Partners

Robert Hanna based in the UK is the Founder & Managing Director of KC Partners, an innovative and world-leading legal talent solutions and content creation firm. His expertise has helped him build and scale multi-million-pound revenue-generating teams. Robert specialises in placing qualified lawyers across the UK, Europe, Middle East & US.

Robert is a master in his field with his skills including; strategic advisors & investing in Recruitment & Legal Tech startups. He is also an active networker and content creator and was even ranked as a LinkedIn's Top 100 Rising Star & Influencer. Robert is a regular speaker and host of the Legally Speaking Podcast, which sits in the top 2.5% of all podcasts globally.

Robert is passionate about normalising mental health conversations and promoting more diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. His mission is to disrupt the global recruitment industry and build a community where recruiters add more value to their candidates and clients through embracing authentic relationships, Tech & AI, and kindness.

Advice: Just start, talk is cheap!

2) Marvyn Harrison, Founder of Dope Black Dads

Marvyn Harrison is an inspirational leader who delivers business goals and vision using sound strategy, communication, and people management.

Respected as a credible source of knowledge of community strategy, Marvyn is able to drive culture change and deliver tangible results across businesses, projects, and campaigns. Marvyn has been recognised with the following awards in his career:

• D&AD Judge

• Sean Carter Foundation Mentor

• Judging panel for the MOBO Awards (UK)

• Selection panel for BET Awards (UK)

• BBC 1Xtra Future Figures 2021

• The Black British Awards - Influencer Award sponsored by Facebook

• Most Influential CEO 2021, London

• HSBC x U.K. Black Business Show - Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021

• Forbes - 25 Leading Black British Business Men to Follow

• Facebook Community Accelerator Prize Winner 2020

• The Black British Business Awards 2021

His leadership experience as the founder and driving force behind Dope Black CIC, an educational and healing platform designed to improve the outcomes of black people, has seen him become the voice of the Black community across the UK, US, and African continent.

Previously Marvyn was a consultant across music, film, and TV and delivered successful campaigns for Sony, Universal, Ciroc, Playstation, and W Hotel.

Marvyn is now Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of BELOVD Agency, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agency to culturally transform business worldwide to become fairer and sustainable.

Advice: Your mental health, internal success and peace matter more than the goal you are chasing.

3) Hannah Holland, Managing Director & Founder of HLD Group

Originally from Bromley, Hannah Holland went to Manchester Met University before eventually dropping out. After leaving, she contacted every company imaginable, including Sixty6 magazine, where she won the pitch and was appointed Head of Marketing.

A trip to LA with her friend sparked discussion about opportunities, or lack of, for women in business. They saw a gap in that particular niche and decided to take a complete leap of faith.

She left her full time-career and launched herself into her own all-female led talent management agency, HLD management, where Demi Rose was her first client. She even signed Love Island UK contestant Harley Brash — before she left the villa.

HLD Group works with some of the worlds most popular influencers, TikTok stars, media personalities and models, including; Demi Rose, Georgia Harrison, Belle Hassan, Fran Allen and Anna Vakili.

With the creative industry shifting towards a digital focus, HLD connects new-age entertainers to brands, resulting in viral, original content, collaborative campaigns and brand partnerships. The brand values creating a strong community of women with authentic content.

Since its inception in 2019, HLD Group has expanded with HLD Studios, HLD Models, HLD Visionaries and Levelled Up: The Podcast (in association with Atlantic Records).

Advice: Never stop educating yourself. From competitor analysis, industry insights, tech developments to personal development. I truly believe knowledge is power.

Build the right team. A loyal and trustworthy team keeps you sane, safe and means you can enjoy your workday. I trust my team wholeheartedly and wouldn’t be able to do my job effectively without them — or have time off! Building the right teams and creating a positive culture is a priority, I want to ensure that they will all be attentive to the talent and team needs.

4) Nic Coaker, Co-Founder of Nrthrn Baby

Nic Coaker is the co-founder of community-focused music initiative, Nrthrn Baby. After moving to London at aged 18, Nic began working in a number of music-based roles, such as radio production, radio presenting and journalism. She then landed a role as a senior music publicist in which she worked across campaigns such as Erick The Architect, Pip Millett and Hardy Caprio.

Having recently relocated to Newcastle, Nic is committed to providing new and exciting opportunities in a space that once lacked inspiration and direction for careers within the industry. She's worked with local councils to put on a series of inspiring talks and hopes to take this even further.

Advice: Be open-minded. Business aims can change so quickly and it's important that you can adapt to what makes the most sense for the business when it comes to the next steps. It's also imperative that failures and setbacks should be viewed as lessons learned.

5) Vanessa Boachie, Founder and Creative Director of Inside Out UK

Vanessa Boachie (BSc, PGCert), Founder and Creative Director of Inside Out UK is an Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur with a background as a Psychological Therapist and Wellness Coach.

Vanessa has been working in mental health for five years and is particularly interested in empowering others to manage and optimise their mental well-being.

She has worked with leading organisations such as Virgin Group Ltd, BBC, NHS, House of Commons and Crown Prosecution Service. Vanessa has facilitated creative mental health educational workshops and events across the country in Higher education, corporate organisations and places of worship, as well as one to one well-being sessions. She is on a mission to help others 'live their best lives' through supporting them to develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

Vanessa is also a creative writer and has had experience in acting and directing stage plays. She has previously written and featured in productions for local audiences in the UK.

As a creative and an advocate for mental health, she decided to merge her two platforms together to establish the organisation Inside Out UK, which combines psychoeducation with creativity to increase mental health awareness and aims to help people reduce their risk of developing severe mental health disorders.

Advice: Whilst you’re on this journey, make sure you invest in yourself. Looking after your mental and physical health will put you in the best position to be the best entrepreneur you can be.