Here are this month's 5 founders to watch out for!

1) Kyra Meier-Klodt, Founder of Heroica

Kyra is a London-based entrepreneur and founder of Heroica, a feminist digital media and publishing platform dedicated to sharing uncensored stories about women and non-binary people. Founded in 2019, Heroica has shared articles by hundreds of women from across the globe around topics often considered 'taboos'. Through the growth of the digital platform, the Heroica team has now decided to launch their first print magazine set to release on the 4th of December. Kyra is now focused on building the Heroica community into an educational and supportive network for women.

Advice: Be open, flexible and observant. Believe in your ideas and aspirations for your business but be prepared to pivot and listen to your clients.

2) Drew Clarke, Founder DW Cosmetics & Un/Altered

"I am a new mum running two businesses, one of which sold out the first hour we launched. Both businesses are all about empowering women to feel incredible."

Advice: That dream you constantly think about, the passion that fuels won’t go away because it is your purpose so, chase it and put everything into creating it. I promise you will not look back. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. At the end of the day, you are the one who is going to create your dream life. No one else. So GO FOR IT.

3) Chandni Modha - VIP Publicist, founder and CEO of CJM Publicity

Chandni Modha is a VIP Publicist, founder and CEO of CJM Publicity. She heads up a global brand development agency that specialises in luxury brand partnerships and entertainment marketing. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Chandni continues to travel the world attending film festivals, red carpet events and photoshoots with her celebrity clients representing high-profile luxury brands.

Advice: Don’t be afraid to ask for help and above all work hard, be enthusiastic and believe in yourself. Nothing will ever stop you from achieving your dream!

4) Elizabeth Ogabi, entrepreneur, author, podcast host, communications consultant, and educator

In June 2021 Elizabeth published her debut book Side Hustle in Progress: A Practical Guide to Kickstarting Your Business with HarperCollins. She started her career in communications at Unilever where she learned the fundamentals of PR and corporate communications, she later went on to manage branding and communications for a global investment bank and most recently worked as the Director of Communications at global advertising agency Ogilvy. At Ogilvy, she also sat on the Inclusion Board and was Vice-Chair of Ogilvy Equals, the network focused on driving gender equality within the agency and beyond.

In 2016 she founded For Working Ladies, a digital media platform focused on equipping women with the information and tools they need to start a successful business. Most recently, she co-founded a private membership network focused on accelerating women into positions of leadership & power.

She is also the host of How I Made It Happen, a podcast focused on sharing advice from women who are entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.

Advice: Work with your potential customers - get out of your own head and speak to them. Create, test, learn, tweak and repeat (if necessary!)

5) Michael Cason, Owner of Get Grounded

"We are working with Ecologi and we are planning on planting thousands of trees for a brighter future. We want to help others with their sleep and earthing their bodies

I have run a few marathons now which all started after I started earthing my body. My goals are to leave this world a better place and help others whenever possible"

Advice: Follow your heart and go for it!